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مقاله Abstract

Title: The impact of glaucoma on quality of life in Iran: a case-control study.
Author(s): seyed ehsan asadi
Presentation Type: Poster
Subject: Glaucoma
Presenting Author:
Name: Seyed ehsan Asadi
Affiliation :(optional) hospital
E mail:
Mobile: 09135653037

Glaucoma is a chronic disease characterized by irreversible optic nerve damage and visual field loss that leads to visual impairment and blindness; ultimately limiting personal independence and compromising overall quality of life of affected individuals. There is paucity of information on how glaucoma affects the quality of life of patients in low and middle-income countries where resources for both diagnosis and treatment of such conditions are limited. In this study we investigate the impact of glaucoma on quality of life in iran patients.


The quality of life of 500 glaucoma patients and 150 normal controls that were frequency matched to the age and sex profiles of the cases was assessed using Amharic version of Glaucoma Quality of Life -15 questionnaire. Linear regression models and the t-test were employed to compare significant differences in GQL-15 scores and to generate mean and mean differences between cases and controls respectively.


The mean GQL-15 score in the glaucoma cases was substantially higher (indicating poorer quality of life) than the controls [cases 46.3 (95% CI, 38.8-67.3) and controls 18.9 (95% CI, 15.2-15.0), p?


These glaucoma patients, including those with normal visual acuity and early disease, had poorer quality of life compared to normal controls. Older age, rural residence, low income and more advanced disease were significantly associated with poorer quality of life. There is a need to increase awareness of the impact of glaucoma among clinicians, patients and their families, for a better understanding of the impact this disease has on a person's life.


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