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مقاله Abstract

Title: Comparative of Scheimpflug imaging parameters between normal thickness cornea and thick cornea
Author(s): Leila Ghiasian MD, Rama Pourmatin MD, Khalil Ghasemi Falavarjani, MD.
Presentation Type: Poster
Subject: Cornea & lens
Presenting Author:
Name: Leila Ghiasian
Affiliation :(optional) Eye research center Rassoul Akram Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
E mail:
Phone: 22003464
Mobile: 09125334697

To compare the anterior and posterior corneal surface parameters, thickness profile data and BAD display data of normal thickness eyes with thick corneas using Pentacam.


In this study, 100 normal thickness corneas and 100 thick corneas (>600mic). A complete ophthalmic evaluation and a Scheimpfug camera scan were performed in every cornea included in the study. Tomographic parameters such as parameters from the front and back cornea, maximum keratometry reading (Kmax), corneal volume (CV), anterior chamber volume (ChV), anterior chamber depth (ACD), anterior chamber angle (AC angle), keratometric power deviation (KPD), maximum front elevation (Max FE), and maximum back elevation (Max BE), as well as pachymetric progression indices (PPI), Ambrosio relational thickness (ART), index of surface variance (ISV), index of vertical asymmetry (IVA), center keratoconus index (CKI), index of height asymmetry (IHA), index of height decentration (IHD), and radius minimum (RM) were collected and statistically compared between the two groups


Mean thinnest in normal corneal thickness group and in thick cornea group was 5496.74 and 62211.34 respectively. Analysis showed significant differences (p<0.05) in Corneal volume, AC volume and AC angle between two groups which were more in thick cornea group than normal thickness group. Corneal volume, chamber volume and AC angle were 65.624.55,199.256.8,40.638.43 in thick cornea group respectively and 60.203.34,172.6437.78,35.385.44 in normal thickness group respectively. Analysis found significant differences in CKI, IHA, R.min, Df, Db, Da and D between these two groups but mean range of these data were in normal range.


Pentacam parameters in two group were in normal range. Chamber volume and AC angle were significantly higher in thick cornea than normal thickness cornea.


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